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If your existing roof is in need of repair or replacement consider this equation: Top brand name products plus highly skilled and trained Naples Florida roofing technicians plus quality and value. It all adds up to customer satisfaction. That's why, for over a quarter of a century, Collier and Lee County property owners have looked to King Roofing Service, Inc. as one of the leading roofers in the industry.

King Roofing Service, Inc. is your single source Naples Florida roofing contractor providing expert sales and installations for all your roofing needs including algae resistant shingle roofing systems, metal roofing systems and tile roofing systems, as well as roof attic fans, regular skylights and energy efficient tubular skylights. King also offers carpentry services related to roofing.

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Asphalt Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass shingle roofKing Roofing Service, Inc. uses only high quality architectural laminated asphalt fiberglass shingles. We prefer to use the various products manufactured by CertainTeed Corporation because of the high quality, beauty, longevity, diverse number of styles, colors and weights, and impressive warranty periods. Learn more!


Concrete Tile & Terra Cotta Roofs

Concrete tile roofA concrete tile or terra cotta roof isn't just a great choice because of its lifetime warranty, they are simply the best roofing systems available for a number of reasons. They protect your home from fire, high winds, blistering heat; and are also environmentally friendly. Learn more!


Metal Roofs

Metal roofKing Roofing consciously seeks out and selects the best products and methods to make your metal roof live up to the demands of Florida's environment. Some Florida home styles just look best with a metal roof. Also, the southwest Florida weather is extremely tough on roofs, and some people just prefer metal. Learn more!


Flat Roofs

Flat roof

The same inviting sun that draws homeowners to Naples, unfortunately also shortens the life of flat roofs. Solar radiation from ultraviolet rays, combined with Florida’s high-moisture climate is the number one cause of asphalt roof failure, especially on flat roofs where ponding water exists. Learn more!




Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylightThis popular addition is an energy efficient high performance lighting systems that is cylindrical in shape and is designed to light rooms up with natural sunlight. Tubular Skylights are designed not to compromise roof integrity; it minimizes the size of roof penetrations, is weather-tight in design and made to totally eliminate the chance of leaks. Learn more!