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Reroof Process

Our Re-Roofing Process

Remove existing roof and dispose of in onsite dump trucks. King Roofing does not use dumpsters or trailers.

Inspect entire roof deck for rot and/or delamination. Plywood decking and other supporting wood that is unsuitable for new roof installation will be replaced.

Nail entire roof deck using 8D ring shank nails attached 6″ on center to meet current Florida Building Codes.

Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) Underlayment is applied to the entire roof deck.

Install custom fabricated 26ga Galvalume valley metal to all valleys. Install 26ga Galvalume drip edge metal to perimeter of roof surface. Boots and vents installed where necessary. Tile, Shingle, or Metal roofing material goes on the roof.

All debris is removed and magnets are used to pick up nails. A 5 year Workmanship Warranty is issued.

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